Stylish & The Coolest Maternity Looks Of Bollywood Celebrities

| June 14, 2017

Pregnancy style can be a challenge because some ladies conceal their bump with loose outfits while others wear it with pride in form fitting dresses. Stay connected with this post to feel inspired about pregnancy looks from some of your favorite Bollywood celebs. Here is plenty of covetable looks to get excited about, see how these celebs have taken their baby bumps to new style heights.

Kareena Kapoor:

Kareena Kapoor is the most beautiful and gorgeous celeb of Bollywood film industry having slim smart figure. She is equally popular among men and women also and mostly women try to copy her style like hair color, hairstyle, dresses and overall look.

Here we have gathered some pictures of this gorgeous celeb during pregnancy so a pregnant woman can get the idea of dressing like Kareena.

She is wearing crisp white sleeveless maxi dress, the top is the maxi is form-fitting and showing her body curve and baby bump. While in other picture wearing a long sleeves polka dot print maxi dress she is also looking so beautiful.

Sheelpa Sethi:

Wearing baby bump does not mean that you cannot attend the parties and functions. See the picture of your favorite personality Sheelpa; she wore a red color fancy dress with cap sleeves and delicate zari work and looking beautiful with mid parted open tresses, silver jewelry and holding a silver clutch in her hand.

Aishwarya Rai Bachan:

The queen of Bollywood and Miss World Aishwarya is always famous for having the perfect body shape. Before pregnancy she sported the charm of a young girl with her slim smart frame and cute smile. She has totally changed during pregnancy due to putting on a lot of weight any how Aishwarya is looking particularly gorgeous in her maternity look.

Lara Datta:

The actress Lara Datta wore everything from short fitted dresses, skirts, shorts during the period of nine months of pregnancy. Lara had never been overweight but naturally, she gained a little weight while pregnancy because during the pregnancy she did her yoga exercises.

Avantika Malik:

Bollywood star Imran Khan’s beautiful wife Avantika is looking super stylesh even in pregnancy. She had the fashion meter in her control throughout her pregnancy, the actress continued to put her best foot forward during her pregnancy as well.


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