Surgeries of Bollywood Celebrities Went Tribally Wrong

| January 25, 2016

In a desperate attempt to look beautiful and glamorous, almost every actress have gone under the knife but not everyone is that lucky. Some of them were serious victims, as their surgeries went horribly wrong.

1Bollywood Plastic Surgeries that Horribly Went Wrong (5)

The Koena Mitramodel, who had shimmied her way into Bollywood through her sensuous dance number and few hit movies in her basket, is now best remembered for her botched-up nose job, which is now a lesson to be learnt by many.

2Bollywood Plastic Surgeries that Horribly Went Wrong (7)

Priyanka Chopra looked quite different when she first stepped into the Bollywood industry. She wasn’t too happy with her nose and thus got it reshaped. Her lips also look much more plump and fuller than before. Though the actress denied undergoing surgery but anyone can look and notice clear difference.
3Bollywood Plastic Surgeries that Horribly Went Wrong (2)

After getting all her features individually touched up, Rakhi Sawant now has the appearance of an inanimate porcelain doll, and the personality of one as well.

4Bollywood Plastic Surgeries that Horribly Went Wrong (1)

With this list on Bollywood plastic surgeries, looks like most of them are racing towards lip jobs primarily. We wonder what was on mind while going for a lip surgery.

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