Syra Shahroz & Shehreyar Munawar Promoting “Project Ghazi” At Cover shoot

| July 15, 2017

For the next upcoming movie Syra Shahroz and Shehreyar Munawar have made a photo shoot for the promotion of their upcoming project. Lollywood actor and actress Shehreyar Munawar and Syra Shahroz are recently seen on weekly magazine cover shoot. They are both looking stunning in western style outfits on the cover of magazine.

Syra is looking tremendous in ripped jeans paired with shoulder less top with stripped designing. While Shehreyar is looking dashing and handsome wearing casual short and pant. After the success of Yalghaar and Mehrunnisa v Lub u, Lollywood is again on it move and ready to give a thriller movie.

Project Ghazi is based upon the true story of Pakistan army’s swat operation. It would be regarded as the Pakistan’s first super hero movie and will boom the film industry after being released on cinema. Shehreyar also claimed about his role that he was very excited to work in such movie and it was very shocking for him to get a role like this.

Humayun Saeed, Tallat Hussain, Amir Qureshi and Adnan Jaffer are also the part of this cast. The poster of the movie is exposed and it does not fail to impress us.

It seems that Project Ghazi would be intense and full of high actions that nobody would dare to miss out. Directed by Nadir H. Shah and Produced by Mohammad Ali Raza the movie is all about the battle of good and evil.

Syra Shahroz will be seen as scientist in the movie and will be the love of Shehreyar. Both Shehreyar and Humayun Saeed will be at the side of the good. It would be interesting to see these characters in these avatars and script also sounds strong and full of purpose.

We could not wait to see this amazing movie which sounds very interesting. This movie is going to be informative and also full of excitements for people of every age. With crossing our fingers we are waiting for the movie to release and have block buster.

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