The Best Beauty Secrets of Deepika Padukon Finally Revealed

| October 13, 2016


What a gorgeous dimpled southern beauty is none other than, it’s Deepika Padukon. The bollywood heartthrob and awarded the most beautiful lady Deepika is the beats of many hearts not just because of her debut acting but for beauty most. Surely, some people are naturally blessed with flawless skin and perfect beauty but even then, everyone needs to update it with well balanced routine of care and Deepika does so. Recently, she spoke about her secrets of beauty and really stunned because all the routine is so managed. Taking a start from modeling and coming towards the film industry defines her great hard work and balancing up the skin, figure and fitness is really a tough task when the hot actress has a busy routine of shoots. Nothing is charisma with blessing during one week but it’s the great care routine from childhood especially on the part of Deepika mom.

Hydration is the key according to Deepika Padukon:

She believes on drinking gallons of water if you want to keep your beauty for a long time. When you are well hydrated, you gain the utmost level of hydration so rightly. Deepika drinks more water whenever she is on shoot or at home.
“Less is more”
Asking about makeover, she said less is more. Although the makeup makes you look beautiful but your gentle skin must not be overloaded with it at all. She only uses mascara, SPF lip balm and a neutral foundation. One more right thing is to wipe all the makeup away when going to bed. She firmly believes that your skin doesn’t need too much to describe you; even if she is without makeup she keeps her more focus on acting and camera.

SPF is must-have:

On asking a question that one beauty product you can’t live without, she answered an SPF product. She always used quality SPF to keep her skin safe from UV rays and make it gentle always. She says that save your skin from sunshine and care the skin using SPF.


Yasmin Karachiwala is the professional trainer of Deepika but she had been the athlete and belongs to athlete family that is why takes it serious to work out anyways. She does yoga, exercises and especially dance.  Although she is a person who ‘lives for food’ but even then don’t forget about balanced life. Deepika mostly loves veggies, egg whites and grilled fish with no oil presence. Sabz Chatni is also her favorite that enhances the taste of food.

Coconut oil is her fav beauty secret:

Her hairs and flawless hourglass figure is well maintained because she always goes with coconut oil for hair and massage of body. She massages once or twice in a week if her schedule permits.

Well these were the main beauty secrets of gorgeous Indian actress Deepika Padukon that she revealed for her fans. If you act upon these secrets then surely you get the beauty like her.

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