The Most Curious Second Last Episode of Drama Serial Pyaray Afzal Review

| August 6, 2014

The currant 36th episode of Pyaray Afzal is no doubt a captivating and gripping episode as it reveals the main curiosity of drama serial and having a turning point. This drama serial is no doubt wholly a fascinating and engrossing drama full of inspiring dialogues with admirable delivery. So it’s a highly ranked and applauded Pakistani drama.

This episode starts with the climax when Lubna divulge the whole factuality behinds Subtain relation (jis ko tum mangni smjh rhe the…mangni nhe the wo….elaj ho rha tha tumhara) and Farah was just shocked to hear the fact. And she told Farah that there is Sazish of Lubna and Sabtain behinds her engagement and she pretend to love Afzal just because Farah feels jealousy and accept her deep feelings about Afzal (tum don one mar dala ek dosray ko….lekin ye nahe kaha kay ek dusray se pyar krtay ho) but Farah is still in her statement that she don’t love Afzal.

And here Afzal came to Yasmeen and gave her all letters to burn With her own hands but Yasmeen asked her that love letters should never be burnt (tumhay kasam hai Afzal…..chahay uskay gham mein jaltay rehna par inko kabhe mt jalana) and then she asked Arifa that she want to met Farah when she reached her house she prevent Lubna to enter Farah’s room for a while.

She asked some past questions about Farah to find some link of Farah and Afzal’s letter.Ans she asked Farah to accept that your are the same Farah who wrote letters to Afzal (jag jao Farah….is qeemat par kabhe mt sona..kay tum ne kayeon ke nenden haram kr de hain) and coincidently Yasmeen read Afzal’s diary and just within a minute she caught the whole story behind letters.

And Molvi Sahib asked Yasmeen to leave the curiosity and burn the letters but Yasmeen is not ready to calm before solving the complexity so she asked permission to met Farah again for her own satisfaction and here I just love the conversation of Yasmeen and Molvi SubhanAllah when he refused to go again today and she replied (mein aj bhe chali jaoun ge….mujh par be adbi wajib ho gaye hai….) and Molvi sahib is always have admirable words to say (kya keh gaye hai Ruqayyah…kitnay adab se keh gaye hai kay….be adbi karay ge) and Yasmeen told Farah that Afzal loves her from childhood he is always in deep love with her and all that letters were written by him and he assumed that these letters are send by Farah  (jo batan wo tum se kehna chahta tha…samjh leta tha keh de hain…or jo batan wo tum se sun,na chahta tha…wo khat me likh kar apnay doston ko suna deta tha……… us ne believe kr lya kay tum us se pyar krti ho…or saath he ye bhe maan lya kay tum usay kbhe nhe milo ge) and she asked Yasmeen to accept her love for Afzal and told her that Afzal is always yours no matter even if he is engaged now (mangni krnay aya to bray tameez se kehnay laga….mangni karo ge mujh say… laga! Jesay gaali di ho us ne….btao ye kon kehta hai kay mangni karo ge mujh se… pyar hota to kehta shadi kro gi? Tumhari kasam phir kabhe na sochti kay khat likhnay walai farah kon the…Farah tum hoti ya koi or…me pairon talay rond kay chali jati) I mean this episode is full of interest and climax. This is one of the classy episodes of this drama serial…..


Farah and Lubna

Farah in Pyaray Afzal

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