These Celebs just Wanted a Little Plastic Surgery Rather than Disasters

| October 30, 2015

Now this is the trend of having plastic surgery among celebrities and many other physical jobs that change them totally in their appearance. Well this issue has many controversies whether it is right or wrong to play with the natural beauty of a person but after seeing the celebrity’s pictures I just wanted to say a wrong way to have an appearance awfully bad. They just want to enhance natural beauty and features, some people get that appearance beautifully but what to be said about the disasters that has been happened to most of the celebrities. They just look busy in correcting first disaster to another. There is an actress who had 10 jobs together to her physique and I was shocked whether she was unhappy with her old one or low confident about herself. I have compiled a list of actors who have had plastic surgeries and the rest of opinion is upon you have to decide whether these jobs are good or they have spoiled their naturally blessed personality.

1. Bristol Palin took plastic surgery to fill face chin from her heart shaped face

Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery

2. Daryl Hannah had lifted eyebrow, face fillers and of course Botox

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery

3. Dolly Parton is said the queen of plastic surgeries with lifting eyebrows, lip job and breast augmentation

Dolly Parton Plastic Surgery

4. Fergie enhanced her face beauty and succeeded in her look

Fergie Plastic Surgery

5. Hadiqa took plastic surgery you can differentiate between old and new look

hadiqa plastic surgery

6. Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

7. Lindsay Lohan’s change looks with Botox and chin job

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

 Mehwish Hayat had plastic surgery and groomed herself well

mehwish plastic surgery

9. After wrestling and having physical issues Mickey Rourke took plastic surgeries to maintain his appearance

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

10. Paris Hilton after plastic surgery

Paris Hilton Plastic Surgery

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