Top 10 Admired Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup Pictures

| September 19, 2016

Bollywood actresses without makeup:

We all have beforehand idea that glamorous world is teemed with artificialities and masks; everyone related to glamorous is wearing a mask to and performing a synthetic role. We often idealize celebrities as perfect in their looks and beauty but most of times we forget that in their perfect looks there is big hand of makeup. Celebrities are talented but are made fetching through fine art of makeup. Celebrities are polished their look, maintain their features through art of countering, add glowing impact in their skin texture and enjoy exclusive grace of immaculate beauty.

All this magic of makeup, discussing this topic here we are sharing some surprising pictures of top 15 bollywood celebrities without makeup. These pictures are reflecting that most of bollywood celebrities have common beauties just like us but are enjoy perfectness through the excellent art of makeup. These tip bollywood actresses are caught without makeup and their looks will definitely make you stun.

Get ready to examine the real beauty of bollywood celebrities whom made us inspire and their stunning appearances leave us in desire to have such astonishing beauty. Let’s discuss these without makeup pictures of bollywood actresses which will definitely made you surprise.

1)    Former bolywood diva Amisha Patail is looking strange without makeup, no doubt in her youth she has stunning feature with fair complexion but now she has lost her attraction and don’t stimulate even with makeup.


2)    Amrita Arora is one of cutest bollywood actresses, her childish smile and decent look is greatly inspiring. She looks charming without makeup at behalf of her delicacy.


3)    Banagali beauty “Bipasha Basu” has finest facial features with wheatish complexion. She looks decent and charming without makeup due to her excellent fashion sense and immaculate beauty features.


4)    Bollywood royal beauty and one of most height paid actress “Deepika Padukone” has decent facial features with perfect feminine beauty but her real wheatish complexion will make you stun and you will think s it that fair lady whom we see in pictures.


5)     Curtest Genelia D’souza has glowing skin texture and lustrous hairs. She looks stunning not only with makeup but also enjoy an adorable look without makeup. It is may be due to her less use of makeup that we don’t have much difference in her makeup and without makeup looks.


6)    Kangana Ranaut looked adorable without makeup earlier but now her frailer surgery produce sorry effects and she produces very strange look without makeup.


7)    Bollywood “Bebo” looking haute and charming with makeup but her fair skin and glowing texture allow her to enjoy graceful and pretty appearance even without makeup.


8)    Foreign beauty “Katrina Kaif” has fair complexion but her facial features are not as pointed as it is molded by special techniques o makeup.


9)    Bollywood yummy mummy always looks perfect icon of glamorous elegance but her real appearance is sorry it thin face, unhealthy skin complexion and shine less face.


10)    parineeti chopra looks innocent and decent but she doesn’t have ideal girlish delicacy. Her shine less face with prominent dark circles is presenting sorry effect of her beauty.


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