Top 10 Beauties from Hollywood

| February 25, 2015

Most Beautiful Actresses in Hollywood:

Whenever we talk about the showbiz industry then it means we are talking only about beauty. The beauty of face, beauty of figure, beauty of hairs, beauty of voice, beauty of attitude, beauty of personality & of course beauty of talent they possess. Let’s talk about Hollywood. Hollywood is a world that is full of with beauties. But mostly it is observed that Hollywood starts look gorgeous only on the screen.

If you look at their off-screen & without make-up pictures then you will never recognize them while some stars are those that are not only beautiful on the screen but also off the screen. They look stunning & graceful even without make up because they are naturally beautifully. Their face features are gorgeous naturally & they look stunning on every event. Today, I am going to discuss the top 10 beauties of Hollywood. Hopefully, you will like this post!

Angelina Jolie:

1 Angelina-Jolie have nice beauty

When we talk about Hollywood Hunk & beauties of Hollywood then it is obviously right that the name of “Angelina Jolie” comes at the top. Her date of birth is 4th June, 1975. She is an American actress who has worked in lots of movies. She is spotted on various awards functions & parties in her glamorous looks. Her wide head & sparkling eyes actually made her to look more inspiring. In 2014 she married with Brad Pitt.

Jessica Alba:

2 Jessica-Alba looks nice

Jessica Alba (born 28th April, 1981) is an American business woman, actress & model. She basically belongs from California U.S. She married with Cash Warren in the year of 2008 & now she is the mother of 2 kids still this 33years old actresses looks attractive & beautiful. No doubt that she is one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses.

Megan Fox:

3 Megan-Fox niceist beauty

Megan Fox (16th May, 1986, Tennessee) is an American model & actress who take the start of her career by working in TV shows & by playing minor role on the TV. Due to her beautiful looks she has been appeared on the various cover pages of the famous magazines. She is considered the female sex symbol in the Hollywood industry.

Natalie Portman:

4 Natalie-Portman looks niec

Natalie Portman is not only an actress but also a successful producer & director. She is the lady with dual citizenship because she is born on 9th June, 1981 in Israel 7 later she moved on in American & starts to work is showbiz. Due to her naturally beautiful facial features she is considered one of the most graceful personalities of the Hollywood. She married with Benjamin Millepied in the year of 2012 & she has the mother of one kid.

Mila Kunis:

Premiere Of Universal Pictures' "Ted" - Arrivals

Mila Kunis (born 14th August, 1983) reached in Los Angles in her childhood with her parents by migrating from USSR. Initially she faces lots of problem due to a sudden change in language & culture but later she adjusted & raised as one of most beautiful Hollywood actresses into the showbiz world. She has worked in lots of successful & super hit movies.

Kristen Stewart:

6 Kristen-Stewart niceit beauty

Kristen Stewart (born 9th April, 1990) got popularity due to her work in the super hit movie series “The twilight Saga” (A fantasy romance series of movies). She becomes prominent on every event due to her unique eyes color & slim figure.

Taylor Swift:

7 taylor swift hollywood beauty

Taylor Swift (13th December, 1989) is an American actress, model, pop singer & song writer. She also enlists among the beauties of Hollywood. She is only 25 years old & won the heart of public not only with her sweet voice but also with her beautiful eyes, delightful smile & fair complexion.

Marion Cotillard:

8 Marion Cotillard looks innocence

Marion Cotillard (30th December, 1975) is actually a French beauty. She is not only an actress but also singer, environmentalist & songwriter. She has won lots of awards due to her best performances in lots of movies.  She is near about her 40’s yet she looks outstandingly beautiful, stunning & graceful.

Charlize Theron:

9 Charlize Theron looks nice

Charlize Theron (born 7th August, 1975) is actually a South African (because she born in South Africa) & American (she worked in showbiz & got American nationality in 2007) showbiz personality. She is the lady who has won lots of awards for best actresses.  Her unique smile makes her prominent into a crowd.

Norah Jones:

10 Norah-Jones looks nice

Norah Jones is an American actress, singer & songwriter born on 30th March, 1979 in New York City. She is also a Hollywood personality who wins the heart of people not only with her sweet voice but also with her cute & natural beauty.

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