Top 10 Beautiful Pakistani Models in Simple Dressing Style

| July 28, 2016

Well showbiz is the world of glam and it is said that all real faces are behind the layer of makeover. Models are the main part of a runway show that represents the beautiful dresses on their gorgeous personalities. We always see of them in heavy makeover and the fully embroidered dresses in fact most of the time they reappear wearing the highly embellished bridal dresses that is why we are used to look at them with glamour.

But the real life is away of the glam and everyone wants the simplicity whether in life style or the dressing style. We have rounded up the unseen pictures of Pakistani models that are in simple dressing and have simple style.

When these models are at their shoot, they are professional more than casual that is why much makeover and trendy wearing is the demand of their profession but in their casual routine or even they appear to any conference and morning shows, the simplicity overcome their mind-set heavy styled image.

People are even curious to see them casually but I must say that in simple dressing they look more gorgeous as in the heavy ones.
This list of 10 Pakistani models is here to make you stun in their simplistic and more sophisticate dressing codes, let’s take a start from the most beautiful actress and model Saba Qamar.

Saba Qamar in salwar kameez:

1. Pakistani models in simple dresses

Saba Qamar is the talented model and actress who have made her name in the top Pakistani actresses in the very short period of time. Her mature and fully polished acting and modeling always blow everyone’s mind, not only her work but the gorgeous beauty is worth seeing and see she is looking awesome in this traditional and simple salwar kameez too.

Model Nadia Hussain:

2. Pakistani models in simple dresses

Well the Pakistani most popular and senior model Nadia Hussain always appear wearing the full heavy designer auras but in this pictures she simply wore the churidar pajama, long shirt and dupatta which suits her long height very much.

Ayyan Ali dressing:

Ayyan Ali

Well the notorious dollar girl has become the highly popular girl due to her dressing code during the sessions attending in court regarding her money laundering scandal. We always glance at her having the designer heavy dresses but in this dress the decency overpowers her appearance.

Mawra Hocane:

4. Pakistani models in simple dresses

Mawra Hocane is the emerging talent of Pakistan and made her name with the acting and modeling. Both Hocane sisters are making their ways towards career. Simply the navy blue shirt with Capri trouser is presenting her charming personality beautifully.

Amna Ilyas:

5. Pakistani models in simple dresses

In most of the lawn campaigns and on runway shows the Pakistani talented model Amna Ilyas looks fantastic. Now she has entered in the world of silver screen too so we are stunned at her simple dressing code with just only shirt and pajama paired with dupatta.

Ayesha khan dress:

6. Pakistani models in simple dresses

Even I am shocked, I mean when you see a model always with makeup and the awesome auras and when you see her in simple dressing with no makeup, the difference is in front of you. The famous actress and model Ayesha khan look in simple dress can show you her casual wearing.

Amna Sheikh:

7. Pakistani models in simple dresses

Dark model but with attractive features is surely the beautiful Amna Sheikh who has made her career in both acting and modeling but we don’t find her in having much makeover and this simple dressing code is looking cuter enough.

Ever beautiful Iman Ali:

8. Pakistani models in simple dresses

The stunning, gorgeous and attractive Pakistani model always steals the heart with her appealing Asian features. She appeared in TV show wearing this pastel color shirt and pajama that is looking great on her.

Sadaf Kanwal:

9. Pakistani models in simple dresses

Who says that short height doesn’t let you to become a model, the true example of beautiful Sadaf Kanwal is here. Yet she has short height but she is a model as her features are fit. She is wearing the red and navy blue chiffon simple dress which has relaxed her personality.

Sanam Saeed:

10. Pakistani models in simple dresses

Sanam Saeed has the perfect height and amuse you with her great talent of acting and modeling, you have never seen her before in this casual and simple dressing style.

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