Top 10 Bollywood Actresses With Wrong Makeup Expression

| September 16, 2014

Bollywood actresses’ beauty expression:

Bollywood actresses are considered as beauty divas in all around the world. Most of times, world’s biggest beauty consent is won by Indian beauties. Their beauty titles are evidences of their leading beauty. But think about the contribution of makeup. With the application of right makeup, these bollywood beauties look like beauty divas but with wrong makeup impact or with without makeup, these beauties can look even very next door beauties. In this post we are going to share highly exciting expression of wrong makeup which has spoiled their beauty. Bollywood top leading actresses are in their worst makeup expression in these glimpses. Let’s briefly talk about these glimpses.

Aishwaraya Rai:

1 aishwaria rai with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Ex beauty queen Aishwaraya Rai is really an evocative beauty but here with wrong application of concealed and blush on, she is looking like ordinary girl with senseless makeup.

Amisha Patel:

2 amisha patel with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Too much oily skin and wrong application of blush on is spoiling Amisha Patel’s beauty. She has fair skin complexion but in this picture she used very light color foundation which is created very poor expression.

Deepika padukone:

3 deepika padukone with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Wrong selection of foundation color, dark lipstick and thick eyebrows all are creating very ill expression. Deepika is like strange with this inactive poor makeup.

Kareena Kapoor Khan:

4 kareena kapoor with Wrong & Bad Make Up

In this picture Kareena’ makeup, dress and hairstyle al are critical. Poor expression of all these things is creating very odd expression.


5 sirdevi with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Excessive use of powder or improper blending of foundation is making siridevitoo much strange. It looks that she is a mummy. Her face color is too cold and without any warmth.

Sonam Kapoor:

6 sonam kapoor  Bollywood  with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Although Sonam is considered as one of best fashion celebrities of India but she need to learn some keen things regarding makeup. In this picture, she is creating very poor expression of her beauty. Orange lipstick with blackish face is creating very odd expression. She looks ill in this picture.

Kangna Ranaut:

7 kangana ranaut with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Expression of charming beauty of Gangster is producing very awkward expression. Hairstyle is not suited with poor foundation color, chaos blush on and sorry lip gloss color. All these things are creating very coarse picture.

Celina Jaitley:

8 celina jaitley with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Celina Jaitley has very fine facial features but most of times she want to use all makeup accessories which she possessed. In this picture excess makeup has ruined her beauty.

Johi Chawala:

9 juhi chawla with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Clear expression of bad makeup is also conspicuous from this picture of Johi Chawala. Broadness of everything is creating an expression of scattered makeup accessories on face.

Guri khan:

10 gauri khan with Wrong & Bad Make Up

Guri Khan is looking very poor in this makeup. Matte pink lipstick with too much oily face is producing very odd expression. Without makeup eyes and blackish expression of oily skin are creating very odd expression.

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