Top 10 fashionable & cute Mom-Daughter Jodis from Bollywood

| August 31, 2016

Mom-daughter jodis from bollywood:

usually people are always seeking for old and new bollywood couple jodis, it is some of most common Google search but there are hardly few one who want to know much more than this. They are interested in bolywood jodis who have breakup, bollywood father-daughter jodis and bollywood Mom-daughter jodis. Yes e have previous kind of chemistry between bolywood parents and their kids that’s why we them just like a Jodi. Bollywood family relation Jodis always has some unique kind of info for those who are interested in bollywood deeply.

In this regard here w are interested in bolywood Mom-daughter Jodis. From this initial history to up till now we have some lovely Mom-daughter Jodis. Commonly an actress’ daughter chooses acting profession to make her family reputation brighter in bolywood. In our bollywood we have some fabulous Jodis of such mother and daughter who were ruled over bollywood in their times.

Some bollywood actress’ daughter didn’t join bollywood but still they are considered as best Mom-daughter jodis because their mutual understating and ideal chemistry is seen at different bollywood events, here we are sharing allure pictures of bollywood Mom-daughter jodis, I am damn sure that you will greatly enjoy these picture and will have exact idea of unique chemistry of these Mom-daughter jodis.

Karishma-Kareena and Bbita:

1 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis

From bollywood’ influential “Kapoor Family”, we have ideal Jodi of kareena kapoor, karishma kapoor and Babita Kapoor. These three ladies are ruled upon bolywood I their ages and made their family reputation brighter than earlier. It is consider as some of most popular bollywood Mom-daughter Jodi.

Sonakhshi sinha and Ponaam sinha:

2 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (1)

From Sinha family we have gorgeous Sonakhshi Sinha; she is daughter of former bolywood heartthrob Shatrughan Sinha. Sonakhshi is often seen with her mother Poonam Sinha (former bollywood actress) at most of social parties, TV shows and events.

Shraddha Kapoor and Shivangi Kapoor:

3 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (2)

Bollywood shining star Shraddha Kapoor is daughter of Shakti Kapoor and Shivangi, Shivangi is sister of former bolywood actress Padmini Kolhapure. Whenever Sharddha is seen in his mother’s accompany she disclosed her deep love for her. At different bolywood events and festivals we find close hearty attachment between both of them; no doubt it is one of most cute bollywood Mom-daughter Jodi.

Shurti Hassan and Sarika:

4 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (3)

Stunning Shurti Hassan is daughter of Kamal Hassan and gorgeous Sarika. Sarika and Shurti have great resemblance in their looks, formerly Sarika gained great repute in bolywood and now Shurti is stepping success’s stairs day by day. Both are also have the title of lovely Mom-daughter Jodi of bollywood.

Hema Malini and Esha Deol:

5 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (4)

Our dream girl “Hema Malini” and charming “Esha Deol” both are one of most popular bollywood Mom-daughter Jodi. Although Esha didn’t that level of success which her mother possessed but as Mom-daughter both are considered as successful Jodi. We often see them at different fashion shows presenting the designer’s collection and shoot together for some particular advertisement.

Twinkle Khnanna and Dimple Khanna:

6 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (5)

Twinkle Khanna and Dimple Khanna is one of most lovely and gorgeous Mom-daughter Jodi from bollywood. Both enjoyed successful bollywood career and married with bollywood super heroes (Dimple married Rajesh Khanna while Twinkle married Akshy Kumar). Both are selected as Jodi by the prestigious Indian fashion designers for the presentation of different fashion accessories and clothes.

Jaya Bachchan and Shewta Nanda:

7 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (6)

Jaya Bachchan enjoed great hold over bollywood but unlike other bollywood star kids, her daughter Shewta Nanda didn’t join bolywood. But we have often seen her at different bollywood events and parties with her family. From these events ideal mutual bond of this Mom-daughter Jodi is noticed by everyone included media.

Neetu singh and Riddhima Kapoor:

8 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (7)

Neetu Singh was a rolling star of 1970s but her gorgeous daughter Riddhima Kapoor didn’t join bollywod rather move towards fashion designing. Unlike bother Kapoor family’s girls she didn’t entered in bollywood but her mutual understating with her mother is seen from different magazine’s covers and different photo shoots which are made for jewelry advertisement. This Mom-daughter Jodi has excellent fashion taste and looks stunning with each other.

Sharmila Tagore and Soha Ali Khan:

9 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (8)

Royal family of bollywood also have lovely Mom-daughter Jodi Sharmila Tagore has matchless place in bollywood cinema at behalf of her excellent acting skills and immaculate beauty. Her daughter Soha didn’t achieve that level if success which her mother has but both are considered a successful bollywood Mom-daughter Jodi.

Kajol-Tanishha and Tanuja:

10 Bollywood's Top 10 Fashionable Mom-Daughter Jodis (9)

Tanuja enjoyed great success in bollywood in 60s and 70s while her daughter Kajol surpassed her mother and gained matchless repute in bollywood. Both they enjoyed great success in bollywood but Tanishaa (kajol’s sister) did not have that level of success as her mother and sister has. Still this triangular Jodi of Mom-daughter is greatly successful when we think about bolywood Mom-daughter Jodis.

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