Top 10 Hollywood Famous Celebrities who take start as Models

| April 8, 2015

Hollywood Actresses who started off as Models:

Hollywood world is full of with lots of beautiful, graceful & stunning actresses. Some actresses come into the world of Hollywood through a proper channel I mean after modeling or after winning a beauty pageant or beauty contest while some comes by chance because they were accidently spotted by the directors. Today, my concern is only on those popular & famous Hollywood actresses who come in the world of showbiz by taking a start from modeling. Without wasting any single minute let start from Cameron Diaz.

Cameron Diaz:

1 Cameron-Diaz started off as model

She (born 30th August, 1972) is an American Actress & Former Model. She is a catwalk turned Hollywood highest paid actress. She takes a start of her career from modeling & appeared on the cover pages of different magazines. Now she has become the top earning actress in the Hollywood. She has shown her skills of acting in “The Other Woman”, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, “Vanilla Sky”, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”, “Bad Teacher” etc. for here brilliant performances she has won lots of awards.

Charlize Theron:

2 charlize-theron started as a model

Charlize Theron (born 7th August, 1975) is actually an African-American model, business woman & actresses. At the age of 16 she won a one-year modeling contract in a local competition. During this time period she take some dance classes but due to an injury on knee her dancing dream become flop then she go los angles & took step into the film industry. She got success into the Hollywood due to her performance into the super hit movie “The Devil’s Advocate”. Monster, North Country, Young Adult are some names of her famous movies.

Julianne Moore:

3 Julianne Moore started off as a model

Julianne Moore (Born 30th December, 1960) is an American actress, model & author. She has reached on the heights of success due to her brilliant performances on runways as well as into the super hit movies.

Holly Valance:

4 holly valance started as a model

It is said about the Holly Valance that modeling plays a vital role in order to take her towards the film industry. She is actually an Australian actresses, models & singer. She get popularity not only because of modeling but also because of her music & singles that she releases time to time. Well known on the ramp due to her flawless facial expressions.

Jane Fonda:

5 Jane Fonda strated off as a model

Jane Fonda (Born on 21st December, 1937) is a very popular & legendry name into the American showbiz industry. She is a multi talented personality because along with an unbeaten model, she is also a successful actress, writer, political activist & also a well-known fitness teacher.  She has done lots of modeling projects for various brands & fashion designers. She is now 77 years old still she is fit & looks stunning on parties & red carpet functions!

Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba Hot Body

Another model who takes a start of her career as a model but now has become a successful Hollywood actress is the Jessica-Alba (born on 28th April, 1981). Along with acting & modeling, she is also running a side business. She married with Cash Warren in 2008 & has two kids now. She is keen for modeling & acting since her childhood & now she has become a sparkling star into this world of showbiz.

Famke Janssen:

7 Famke Janssen started off as a model

Famke Janssen (born on 5th November, 1964) is a Dutch actress. She is a former fashion model. She also takes start from modeling & due to her unbeatable beauty she was signed for various famous films. So, she also includes among the list of those celebrities who take a start from modeling.

Lzabella Ccorupco:

lzabella scorupco started off as a model

Lzabella Scorupco (born on 4th June, 1970) is a model & actress who born in Poland. She also takes a start of her career in 1980’s as a model. She appears on the cover page of vogue & gets appreciation from the community. She has also worked in lots of movies & has received lots of appreciation from the public.

Megan Fox:

Megan Fox-started as a model

Megan Fox (born 16th May, 1986) is an American actress & model who take a start of her career in the year of 2001 with some modeling projects, little roles on TV & films. She has worked in lots of super hit movies & for some block buster movies she has won awards. She married with Brian Austin Green & has two kids now.

About Olivia Wilde:

Olivia-Wilde started off as a model

Olivia Wilde (born on 10th March, 1984) is also an American actress & model. She actually belongs from the family of journalists because her mother is a journalist & the father was also. She married with Tao Ruspoliin in the year of 2003 but divorced in 2011. Now she is engaged with Jason Sudeikis.

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