Top 10 Most Horrifying Plastic Surgeries of Different Body Parts of Hollywood Celebrities

| October 26, 2015

Plastic Surgeries Hollywood Celebrities Before & After Pictures:

Hollywood is a world of glamour. It is a world where celebrities need to follow the latest fashion because without following fashion they cannot survive in this world. Fashion is like a life for them. For the sake of looking fashionable the not only like to spend lot of money on dresses, footwear, bags, make up items & other products but they also like to spend millions of dollars on plastic surgeries so that they can correct the unwanted part of their body that they never like. I think in this way they actually try to play with their look. They try to change the look that nature has gifted them & in this effort they sometimes ruined their god gifted looks. So, today, I am here with a list of top ten most famous Hollywood celebrities who did exactly what I described in the previous lines. Yes, today you are going to view their worst plastic surgery effect pictures. Let’s starts!

1-Amanda Bynes Face Transformation Surgery:

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery

Amanda Bynes is a very popular former American actress, whose date of birth is 3rd April, 1986. Although in the starting years of her career she looks beautiful but due to bad results of Face Transformation surgery now she looks quite worse.

2-Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery:

Amanda Lepore plastic surgery

Amanda Lepore is a very rocking name into the American showbiz industry. She got fame due to her multi talent because she is model, a socialite, a singer & of course a good performer. Her date of birth is 5th December, 1967. She is a prominent transgender personality.  From then to now she has undergone from many plastic surgery operations in which lip, nose, ribs & breast augmentations surgeries are common.

3-Bristol Palin Jaw Plastic Surgery:

bristol palin surgery

Look at the Bristol Palin (an American public figure & TV personality born on 18 October, 1990) before & after picture in which her jaw-line plastic surgery is becoming very clear. She tries to correct her jaw line by this surgery but I think she looks more cure before surgery. What do you think?

4-Daryl Hannah Plastic Surgery:

Daryl Hannah plastic surgery

Daryl Hannah is a very famous American actress who belongs from the world of Hollywood. Her date of birth is 3rd December 1960. This 54 years old actress had done something wrong with her look due to bad face & brow lift, cheeks & lips filler surgeries. Do you agree?

5-Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery:

Donatella Versace plastic surgery

Donatella Versace (2nd May, 1955) is an Italian fashion designer who is the current & existing Vice President of the Versace brand (a worldly popular fashion house). She has undergone from Botox ( a surgery to remove wrinkles), implants (fixing or inserting a tissue in human body part throw surgery) & laser resurfacing (putting a new coating on face for getting flawless skin) surgeries. But all these surgeries ruin her natural look & now she looks not as good as she was.

6-Jennifer Grey Rhinoplasty:

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

Jennifer Grey (Date & Year of Birth 26th March, 1960) is an American actress. She has gone under rhinoplasty plastic surgery. It is a surgery that is usually performed on the nose.

7-Jocelyn Wildenstein Extensive Plastic Surgery:

Jocelyn Wildenstein plastic surgery

Jocelyn Wildenste (August 5, 1940) is famous into the world of Hollywood & fashion industry due to her extensive facial surgeries. The 75 years old New York City socialite woman has still the courage to play more with her looks. With the help of lots of surgeries, she got an deviant appearance that look like a cat. Is it right?

8-La Toya Jackson Plastic Surgery:

La Toya Jackson  plastic surgery

La Toya Jackson is a very talented American lady who is not only a singer & songwriter but also an author, TV personality, skillful actress & model, successful businesswoman & social activist. Born on the date of 29th May, in 1956, this 59 years old lady got a worse look due to the bad results of chin & cheek implants. Furthermore, she never stops & got a pointy nose after another surgery.

9-Scott Carrot Top Thompson Plastic Surgery:

Scott Carrot Top Thompson  plastic surgery

Scott Carrot Top Thompson (25th February, 1965), he is mostly famous by his stage name “Carrot Top”. He is a multitalented person because you can see him as comedian, actor, writer, director, producer & singer in the world of Hollywood. Hollywood men can never stop themselves from going under worse surgeries. Look at him the eyebrow lift surgery, Botox injections, lip plumping surgery & laser peels, all treatments leads him towards worsen his looks.

10-Tara Reid stomach Plastic Surgery & Breast Implants Surgery:

Tara Reid  plastic surgery

Tara Reid born on 8th November, 1975, she is an American model & actress who has ruin her figure with Botched stomach Plastic Surgery & breast implants surgeries.

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