Top 5 Celebrities Whose Love Marriage Ends up with Divorce:

| March 22, 2016

Bollywood Love Marriages Ended with Divorce:

Wedding is not just to live together its soul relation which needs love, trust and sincerity. These are the most vital and inevitable traits that keeps a marriage successful and bound to peoples together happily. When you fall in love, you decided to live with each other through a beautiful relation of marriage. And when especially the famous celebrities are going through love marriage all their fans expected a fairy tale romantic story from them. But here is also the second side of picture which deals with reality and some dispositions.

So here we are going to bring you some cases regarding to Indian bollywood planet in which love marriage leads to shocking divorces. How can it happen??? What was the reason??? Are they miss fit?? Here today we are going to discuss them all besides their filmy life.

So have a look on our presented top celebrities who have great fan following whose love marriages are ended up with divorces.

Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne:

1 Divorces of Bollywood Celebrities (1)

Let’s start form the couple who have shocked all of us even the whole nation. The couple was so lovely in the initials years of life and suddenly we are hear the news of their divorce the couple never release the real reason for the split but this was one of those fairy tale romantic couple which we never expected to be end up with a divorce.

Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget:

2 Divorces of Bollywood Celebrities (1)

This is the latest and most un predictable to divorced couple and their love marriage lasts for few span of time. They fall in love with each other and decide to get married the fans were happy but after sometime they end their marriage with a divorce.

Reena Dutta and Amir Khan:

3 Divorces of Bollywood Celebrities (1)

They were such a lovely couple, Reena was Amir’s first girls friend, next door neighbor and then his wife and of course the mother of his kids Ira and Junaid they get divorce in the year 2002 after the ling marriage of 15 years.

Karishma Kapoor and Sanjay Kapoor:

4 Divorces of Bollywood Celebrities (1)

Both look lovely and beautiful couple together they were child hood friends their friendship then turned into a phase of love and then both get married in the year 2003. And they decided to get divorce in 2012 and since they are fighting in court as Sanjay is not ready to pay alimony amount which Karishma is asking for.

Anurag Kayshup and Kalki Kochelin:

5 Divorces of Bollywood Celebrities (1)

The couple fell in love while during the shooting of the film Dev D in the year 2009 and gets married in 2013 after two years of their relationship. But now in an Interview in Times of India Kalki confirmed the news of her separation by saying:

“I was not sure where my relationship with Anurag was going. All of it was unclear. Now, we are pretty clear that we are not going to be together. We have already applied for divorce and will get it soon.”

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