True Story Behind Imran Khan & Reham Khan Divorce Decision

| November 10, 2015

Finally Imran & Reham Decided to Part their Ways-Real Reasons Behind:

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran khan the famous former cricketer who lead the team & won the World Cup in 1992, the father of two sons from first marriage recently got married with BBC weathergirl Reham, a journalist & a divorced mother of three kids, in a simple ceremony that is held at his Islamabad based Bani Gala residence but now only after 10 months of marriage, another shocking news in circulating on the social media that is both the Imran Khan & Reham Khan decided to part their ways. Well, it is very shocking news. I am sure that there are some reasons behind this decision. So, today, I am going to talk about these reasons.

Some people close to both Imran Khan & Reham Khan are saying that the decision of divorce was mutual & taken by the couple after discussion. Reham Khan said that the party leaders who are close to Imran khan are actual persons at the back of their separation. She tweeted on her twitter account that “We have parted our ways, filed for divorce” on Friday.
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Imran khan said that it is a painful and personal matter. So, media should stay away from this personal matter. Imran further said that “This is a painful time for me & Reham & our families. I would request everyone to respect our privacy. I have the greatest respect for Reham’s moral character & her passion to work for & help the underprivileged”.

Speculation about the separation of Imran & Reham is getting a worse state because now some people are saying after a financial settlement this divorce was settled. Reham take money from Imran for this Divorce but Reham denied it. Imran khan also said about these rumors that “Reports & speculation about financial settlements are absolutely false and shameful”.

Some media related people are also saying the main reason behind the divorce is the physical torture but shamelessly it is an unjustified & extremely ridiculous reason.
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Some people are saying that Reham Khan wants to take step in politics but Imran khan stopped her by saying she will never participate in any political affair. This restriction actually becomes a reason of their separation.

Furthermore, another reason that is circulating on the social media about their divorce is that Imran Khan’s family was actually unhappy from his marriage decision with Reham & that’s why his family put a lot of pressure on Khan especially the sister of Imran Khan “Aleema Khan” (who was happy from this marriage & her displeasure was not hidden from public).

It is also in news that Reham Khan is saying that “Jahagir Tareen” a close friend of Imran Khan is the actual person who creates the misunderstandings between the couple & urge the Imran Khan to divorce Reham. On the other hand Jahagir Tareen said that how it is possible that I can create misunderstandings between this couple? I think it is a very close affair of both Imran & Reham. I am not responsible for it.

On this news of divorce of Imran & Reham, public reaction can be divided into two parts because some people are supporting this separation while some are unhappy on it. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also ordered his party members not to comment on this extremely private issue of Imran Khan’s life. Well, I think God knows well what are the actual reasons behind this extreme decision???

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