Umer Shareef Lashes out at Shoaib Akhtar-But WHY?

| June 17, 2015

Umer Shareef criticized harshly on Shoaib Akhtar in ARY news show named by HAR LAMHA PURJOSH. But do you why Umer Shareef did it? In an Indian comedy show Shoaib Akhtar said nasty and scolding remarks about Pakistani cricketers.

Some video also has been released in which Pakistani cricketer is making fun of Pakistani cricketer with Indian cricketer harbhajan Singh. Umer Shareef replied to these mocking and sarcastic remarks about cricketers made by Shoaib Akhtar in ARY show. Umer Shareef commented that:

“If Shoaib Akhtar can insult Pakistani cricketers to earn fame and fortune, he too can do same with more command.” He continued and said that if Shoaib ahs any kind of reservations or past grievances, he should had expressed in a Pakistani show or should have contacted a Pakistani host to speak his heart out.

“He (Shoaib) may get his priorities right” prayed Umer Shareef at the end of the Show.
This is the lashes out at Shoaib Akhtar by Umer Shareef.
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umar & shoaib (1)

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umar & shoaib

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