Urdu-1 Drama Serial Mere Humdum Mere Dost Episode 13 Review

| July 14, 2014

Really i always waited for the next latest episode of this appreciated drama serial mere humdum mere dost which was released by channel Urdu-1 as this drama is highly ranking these days in Pakistan due to its unique and fetching story. I just love this drama specially the story of Haider and Ume-aimen is really fascinating for me. So here we have 13th episode of this drama which starts with the little mishappening with when Aimen hurting her foot by slipping from last few stairs and yes as expected the first person she called for help in the time of pain was Haider, he was a busy bit but left everything for her new best friend Aimen and take her to doctor. Aiman was depressed a lot for her exam held on next day but Haider as usual consoled her and make her feel relaxed.

But astonish and inspiring thing in this drama is the pleasant and healthy relationship between Aimen and her step mother. I mean its really impressive when a step-mother and step daughter accepts each other from heart and soul without any concern. Almas is an educated and decent personality which reflects in her kind behavior. Aimen is planning for Haider’s birthday with Bibi by handmade forest cake and many other delicious dishes. He was really surprised by all this as it is totally unexpected for him. But suddenly Hiader starts ignoring her just due the reason that he was becoming a victim of his flashback and Aimen was really upset for his behavior.

And she reached his home to ask what’s going on. Because she is becoming emotionally attached with Haider just because she sees him as mentor and only potential for her. And in the next moment she called Haider to apprise him about her first position in class and he was very surprised and took her for lunch. In short…. They are getting even closer to each other but as we can see that Haider’s intentions were very noble.

And in last session of review Sajeela and Mazhar are finally divorced but Sajeela again starts attracting toward Haider by reminding all time passed with him and felt that what she lost a sincere friend and a loyal husband. And when she know from her sister that Haider is still single she was relaxed bit and that smiley expression said it all….. By seeing the promo of next episode I hope that would be more exciting and turning episode with the Aimen’s makeover. And when she starts realizing that she is in love with Haider.

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