Urdu1 Drama Jackson Heights Review of Episode 17 & 18

| January 17, 2015

Jackson Heights Story of Episode 17 & 18

First of all let me talk about the Salma & Bhatti. Imran Bhatti comes to know all facts about the life of Salma, her husband Sikaandar who is not a good man & her struggles that she is making from lots of previous years. Salma calls to Bhatti & express her wish to meet immediately into the park. Bhatti come there & Salma openly discuss about her married life with him. Kathy follows Imran Bhatti & watch that Salma & Bhatti are meeting with each other into the park.

I like the confrontation between Salma & Bhatti when Salma said that “Mayoosi gunha hy” & Bhatti replied “mayossi or bewaqoofi me faraq hota hy”. Salma tried to hide her personal life from Bhatti but luckily Bhatti comes to know all. Well, both are now good friends. Salma finally got a friend whom she discussed every matter openly. Cousin of Salma also watched her into the park with Bhatti & told to Sikaandar. On this Sikaandar becomes aggressive. When Salma reached at home then Sikaandar beats her but Imaan saved her mother. On the other hand Kathy talks very bitterly with Imran Bhatti about his meeting with Salma.

Kathy never tries to live a happy life with Imran Bhatti. She never ever fulfill her duties as a wife but now when Imran is trying to engage in another woman Salma then Kathy is trying to show her affectionate & caring behavior towards her husband Imran Bhatti. Kathy is trying to save her already destroyed marriage. Kathy, I think there is no use of crying over spilled milk.

Next day when Bhatti meets with Salma then he saw some wounds on her face. He asks from her about these wounds then firstly she avoids to reply but when Bhatti force her then she told him about Sikaandar behavior with herself. On this Bhatti becomes aggressive. This aggressiveness is very clearly showing that he deeply fall in love with Salma. Bhatti loves Salma & never feel ashamed of admitting this fact.

Aliya the friend of Salma once again try to evoke some sense into Salma. Salma is an independent woman & knows the fact that her marriage never gives anything to her yet she is happy with this tag of marriage because according to Salma this tag makes her to feel protected into this society. Salma thinks that she has no courage to bear more difficulties in her life so she should stay away from Bhatti but Aliya’s conversation will surely evoke new sense in her. Salma is trying to avoid Bhatti so that she can reduce her difficulties but according to Aliya Salma should think about Bhatti because in this way Salma can reduce her difficulties. I think Aliya’s conversation will surely urge Salma to think about Imran Bhatti who is really very sincere with her.

Jamshed is trying his best in order to trap Michelle. Whenever Michelle talk about the Rizwan then it makes Jamshed to feel uncomfortable. I think in the future it will be only Rizwan who will expose Jamshed’s real face before Michelle. Let’s wait & watch. By accepting the offer of Manager in Michelle’s restaurant now Jamshed’s confidence level has also boosten up which he reveals with his body language. Michelle handover all the restaurant to Jamshed & she rests at home. Jamshed avail the opportunity & he is trying to overcome on the restaurant that’s why he eliminate Adnan (a senior Employee of Michelle) from the restaurant.

On this sudden resign of an old & devoted employee Michelle is very upset but Jamshed makes her happy by wishing her “happy birthday” & by giving her los of gifts. All this is very unexpected, amazing & new for the Michelle. Michelle is ignoring her two loyal & devoted friends such as Rizwan & Adnan only because of a guy Jamshed who enters into her life only before some months. Michelle deceived by her cousin then how she can once again trust on an unknown Pakistani guy who comes on a visit visa in American. Let see what will happen into the upcoming episodes!

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