Urdu1 Drama Jackson Heights Review of Episode 19

| January 24, 2015

Jackson Heights Episode 19

First of all & most importantly, I like the confrontation of Salma & Imran Bhatti. Imran has already expressed his feeling before Salma by telling her that “he loves her”. Now its Salma turn to express her feelings. She finally says “yes” to Imran Bhatti. No doubt that Amina Sheikh & Noman Ejaz both are playing very well as Salma & Imran Bhatti. I must say that these two characters are the elegance of this drama. Without them this drama is nothing.

What about Kathy? Now she is trying to talk very sweetly with Bhatti so that she can save her married life but I think Kathy it’s too late now. Initially Kathy showed totally an indifferent & uncaring behavior towards Imran Bhatti as well as towards her kids now when her husband fall in love with some other woman then she is trying to capture his attention by showing her concerned behavior towards her husband. I think Kathy has totally failed in order to become a good wife as well as a good mother.

Salma finally, takes a stand against her mother-in-law Tai Je as well as against her husband Sikaandar when they once again try to harass her. Salma is very happy on her courage & bravery. She told all about her bravery to her best friend & colleague Aliya. Bhatti was also there & he listen all the conversation that occurs between Aliya & Salma. I think Salma is right in her act because now it’s enough. She is thinking about herself & her life, it is good for her. Now I am expecting that she will finally get rid from the parasite of her life that are torching her from the past 10 to 12 years.

What about Jamshed & Michelle? Rizwan finally come back & continue his meetings with Michelle as a best friend that makes Jamshed to feel irritating. I think now Jamshed is becoming very uncomfortable with the existence of Rizwan because Rizwan can become a tough person for him. Rizwan can also become a hurdle into the plans of Jamshed according to these plans he wants to trap Michelle. I think Jamshed is afraid from Rizwan because Rizwan can expose Jamshed on Michelle. I cannot still understand how Michelle can believe on a strange guy who come from Pakistan & now become a very important part of her life & she is handover her restaurant to him. How she can do this?

Sikaandar allow Salma to marry with Imran Bhatti. He further said to her that you can meet with Imran even after marrying with Imran. Sikaandar is saying all this Salma according to a plan (because Sikaandar said to her cousin Kash ”arrange a pistol”). This plan will surely be revealed into the next episode. The preview of the next episode tells us that Sikaandar try to fire Bhatti Imran by using the pistol that he gets from Kash. Let’s wait for the next episode. Then I will be here with a next review. Stay blessed. Keep supporting!

Jackson Heights Episode 19 (1) Jackson Heights Episode 19

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