Wedding Pictures of Gorgeous Actress Noor Bukhari and Wali Khan

| November 28, 2016

Noor Bukhari is a well known Pakistani actress, model, host and director. She is widely known for her gorgeous and beautiful looks and great acting. She has worked in numerous Lollywood films and called the beauty queen of the film industry Noor began her acting career and start working in films from her child hood as a child star in the mid 1990s. She played the childhood roles of the leading actresses with like Reema, Durdana Rehman and Neeli etc. here we are talking about the recent marriage of Noor Bukhari and Wali Khan with pictures.

Noor Bukhari has got marriages for four times and first time she married with a Dubai based Hindu guy Vikram in 2008. But due to a serious fight the couple was separated and Noor told the reason of separation that Vikram promised her to embrace Islam but he did not fulfill his promise and that’s why she divorced him.

She got hitched for the second time with famous film director and producer Farooq Mengal in 2010 but unfortunately the couple was separated just after four months after the wedding. Noor Bukhari tied her knot in 2012 for the third time with a guy Awn Chaudhry and the couple could not take their relationship forward and divorced just after five months. Noor Bukhari has a daughter from this marriage.

Noor Bukhari got married fourth time in June 2015 secretly with a young singer Wali Khan, son of famous singer Hamid Ali Khan. The couple kept this news secret from public but the cozy pictures of their holiday trip became the reason of scandals so Noor confirmed her marriage with Wali Khan in this month of November.

Her fourth husband is the sin of famous classic singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan. Wali Hamid Khan is a singer and actor also and it is his first marriage with film actress Noor Bukhari. He made a singing group by the name of Ragha Boys a few years back. Wali Khan and Noor Bukhari worked together for shooting the movie “Ishq Positive”. Their love story began during the shooting and they secretly married.

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