Welcome to Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan in Nida Yasir Morning Show

| January 23, 2017

Aiman khan and the muneeb butt are the new couple of the future because they are connected to each other through the engagement ceremony .recently their engagement ceremony was arranged    6th January,2017  on Friday they are engaged t each other in very little age but all the people has liked  this cute couple and with the many wishes  and prayers  of the people are with this couple .Aiman is very well known  celebrity of the Pakistan drama industry she is the twin sister of the Minal   we can see them  together at every place but in the morning show  she is with her  fiancé  they  are  looking so dashing to each other .

in the morning show  during the gossip  Aiman has told that first she has proposed the muneeb  and then muneeb will agree on the  marriage  with her .the dress of the Aiman and muneeb are something same  means red and black color combination are mostly in their dresses .  when they  enter on the stage  audience say them welcome with the party boomer  and the different splashes ribbons  and then they take the photo with Nida Yasir  and play the game that  Aiman is  behind the  box only the face  can be seem  but her voice can’t be listened then muneeb has guessed what the Aiman is saying .

in the show Nida has asked many question about their first meeting  because  she wants to tell the people about their  marriage  which history is hide  after two years they have decided to do marriage they were good friends of each other  and in very little age they remained together  and in many dramas they have worked to each other .

then Nida gifted a ring to the muneeb to wear in the finger of Aiman as the proposing way because now they are officially engaged  to each other  with Nida Yasir they have done a lot of fun  and  they discuss the dholki and the  engagement events in the  show and  make different poses in pictures in the  show with the audience they make the pictures’ if you have missed the good morning show  of 16th January 2016 then  read our  article and see the  pictures of beautiful couple  and  pray for this couple for  more happiness.

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