zarine khan Without Makeup

| March 9, 2016

Zarine was spotted wearing a casual gray tee shirt with a tweety imprint on it. The tee shirt was teemed with a pair of blue jeans and black heels. Her toenails were painted red but that was about all the external color she had on her, for her face had no makeup on it despite which she looked magnificent.


Forever attached to her ethnicity and culture, Zarine Khan paid a religious visit where she was photographed praying. Her look was fantastic as she bowed her head slightly down, her rosy cheeks flushing while her black robe was draped over her head as she folded her hands in a prayer.


She tries to be natural when she is out of acting. She always tries to avoid foundation. She is a cute and fresh looking girl. Her charm gives her a brand new reputation. She takes different kinds of juices along with soft water. She always keeps simple at her makeup time and always hates doing it more. She always use light face wash to remove her makeup before sleeping. And again she is also very weak about lipsticks.



A close up of Zarine wearing a button up tee shirt with glares revealed that she was wearing hardly any makeup. Her glares were semi transparent and one could figure out that her eyes had no makeup on them. She had teemed the tee shirt with a pair of blue jeans that looked comfortable and perfect.


This image of Zarine Khan was taken while she was attending a funeral. Keeping the occasion in mind, Zarine went there in a very simple look. She was wearing a very white dress and there was absolutely no sign of makeup on her face.


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