Zid Hum TV Drama Review of Episode 14

| April 1, 2015

Review of Zid Episode 14

The latest development happened into this episode of Zid that make this drama rather well as compared from the previous episodes. I think the writer & director are thinking to wrap up this dram soon that’s why the new developments are occurring on a faster rate. Let see whether we are imagining this or in actual they want to wrap it up soon!

I never like the Saman’s very concerned behavior towards the Zenaib. Zanaib never ever care about what Saman wants or what not but Saman is still very much concerned for her. Why? Zenaib married with Michael even Saman stops her from doing this. Zenaib talks very bitterly & angrily with Saman. She is the same Saman who breaks her engagement from Akber because Akber becomes very hyper during talking with her. Then how she can bear the harsh talks of Zenaib? I cannot understand what’s going on into the Saman’s mind. In this episode we saw that Saman receive a call from Pakistan & get to know about appo’s death from her brother. She seemed quite disturbed & sorrowful on this news. But once again I must say that she never ever try to call her parents, appo & brother. She never cares about them then why is reacting like this? I think she should be indifferent from their sorrows & happiness.

Zanaib has forgotten the Michael only after a week of his death & this is really very strange for Saman. Saman is very upset because of her appo’s death. Umer come to know from Rukhi that Saman is living with Zenaib that’ why he is trying to find Saman because he knows very well how type of girl Zenaib is. He finally, find’s out Saman & she was in trance when Umer takes her at his home. After coming into her senses Saman try to left the home of Umer but Umer stops her by force. Umer locked Saman into a room so that he can stop her from going back.

Qasim that father of Rukhi always seemed quite annoyed from Saman. I don’t know why? He wants to marry her daughter by following traditions but still he seemed quite unhappy. His face expression seemed quite suspicious. Well it’s my judgment may be I am wrong about his expressions.

Rukhi try to told Saman that Umer loves you that’s why he cares a lot for you but Saman is not agree to accept this fact. I don’t know how Rukhi can say this to Saman because we all know that from the start of this marriage to now lots of clashes are between Umer & Saman then how the word “love” can come into their relationship? Well, Umer is still trying to make this relationship a happy one by buying clothes for Saman & by offering ring to Saman. Let’s see whether Saman will agree to left her “Zid & Haath Dharmi” or not?

Zidd episode 14

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