Zidd Review of Episode 10 & 11

| March 10, 2015

Zidd Hum TV Drama Review of Episode 10 & 11

Episode 10 is still same as the episode 9 was. We saw that Rukhi starts to live with David but still it is unclear whether she married with him or not. She loves David a lot & cannot imagine her life without him. She also loves her father Qasim a lot but she cannot leave David too. When Saman come to know that Rukhi is leaving the home of her father then she immediately try to meet her & at this moment we feel that may be Saman & Umer meets with other & talks with other. But nothing special happens. Saman loses control on herself for a moment but suddenly she controls herself.

We are viewing that like Saman; Rukhi is also stubborn & never want to change her decision to marry with David. Rukhi never want to change her decision because it’s related al about her life.

Zainab is walking on her own created path. She is doing in her own immoral deeds. She is busy in sin doings.

Finally, in 11th Episode Saman come to know that the woman (Zainab) whom she is living now was the former wife of Umer. Yes it’s Zainab who married with Umer & then divorced. After a couple of uninteresting episodes & scenes I think this one is best.

On the other hand, Rukhi married with David but she is quite sad because she married with David against the will of her father. David is trying his best in order to make Rukhi happy. David is handling the situation with peacefully. He I supporting Rukhi in a very well way. He listens the bitter talks of Rukhi’s father cool mindedly. Rukhi is also as much Stubborn as her father. Both father & daughter are stubborn & inflexible into their decisions that’s why the situation is becoming worse.

Yes it’s a fact that that when a daughter marry to a guy (whom she loves a lot) against the will of her father then father of our society never accepts such daughters. The same case is with Rukhi & it’s quite logical but on the other hand the decision of Saman is quite senseless for me as well as for the viewer. She is not living with Umer only because of the one reason that her family hides the facts that Umer is a guy who was already married & then divorced.

I mean, it’s not a big deal to live with Umer & to give a chance to him to prove himself a gentle man.  She is living in a foreign country & facing lots of financial problems but never agree to live with Umer who is really a very nice man. This utter stubborn nature of Saman is actually signifies for the title of this drama. Let’s see what happened into the next one!

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