Zidd Review of Episode 5

| January 23, 2015

Review of Episode 5 of Hum TV New Drama Zidd

I think Saman’s family isn’t justified in their behavior towards Saman because they are considering that their own daughter is on fault because she broke her engagements in the past & create very embarrassment for them & now she is again creating a guilty feeling for them with her rude behavior towards Umer while they are considering Umer as Nobel & gentle man despite of the fact that he is married man who divorced his wife. I cannot understand the logic of this discriminated behavior of Saman’s family.

Her parents are reminding her responsibilities towards Umer (because he is now her husband) that she has to fulfill in any case. According to her parent & family she has find the perfect husband. But I think only Saman’s family is responsible for this behavior of Saman toward Umer because if they very cleanly told her about the Umer first marriage then I think the situation will be changed & all this not happens that currently happening into this home.

I know that Saman is justified for such behavior because her own family broke her trust. She only wants transparency in every matter but her family betrayal her trust & rules. But I think now it’s enough Saman should behave normally with Umer because Umer & his family never deceived her because they had told all about Umer first broken married to Saman’s family.

Saman, finally, goes away with Umer & her in-laws. I think Saman will never forgive Raza because she says yes for this married only by trusting on Raza.

Umer is trying his best in order to talk with Saman because now she is his wife but Saman is still trying to avoid him & wants some time. She is not mentally ready for this relation. Initially, we find out that Umer talk very tautly with Saman but now he is trying to show himself as a best husband who gives every kind of freedom to his wife.

Saman meets with the new relatives of Umer such as with Rukhi (role played by the Rabab Hashim). She is the daughter of Qasim (the role is played by Imran Peerzada). Saman thinks that Rukhi is just like her because she is strong headed, confident, straight forward & wants transparency in every matter. Rukhi’s father is very caring towards her. Qasim pampers his daughter a lot. Let see what will be the outcome of this newly born friendship of Saman & Rukhi?

Nousheen Shah will also enter into the drama as Zainab. No doubt that Ahsan Khan is a very talented & skillful actor bit I think is the time to pay some attention on your hairstyles & look. The same hairstyle in every drama makes the viewers to feel bizarre. What’s your opinion about it?

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