Zidd Review of Episode 9

| February 19, 2015

Hum TV Drama Zidd Episode 9 Review

Saman is still working into the home of Shazia. Shazia’s mother in law is a lady who is ill not only mentally but also physically but Saman takes care her a lot. Saman becomes very affectionate & loving towards Shazia’s mother in law. On the other hand Shazia attitude towards her mother-in-law is really very weird because she never likes her voice & repetitive bells. Shazia offers Saman to stay with her at home for dinner.

Saman accepts the offers & dine’s with Shazia. After dinner when Shazia & Saman are talking with each other then Shazia told Saman about her loving & caring husband Asad. Shazia also asks from Saman about her husband but Saman avoids discussing Umer. After lots of attachment with Shazia’s mother in-law Saman feels sorrow on her sudden death.

Saman is a girl who is now facing lots of hardships after leaving Umer’s home. I think she is a girl who if accept the Umer & her married without any kind of “Zidd” then she can never understand how much this marriage is important & valuable for her. Now after facing lots of hardships & experiencing lots of problem & facts of life, she will learn how much she will be fine with Umer. Well it’s only a guess from my side. Let’s see what will happen.

No doubt that Zainab’s character is this drama is really very weird. Zainab is the girl whom with Saman is living in an apartment. Zainab is careless & very liberal girl. I think she is engaged in bad activities because in the last scene I saw that an English guy enters into their apartment & try to harass Zainab. Saman tries to scare this guy by showing a knife but she fails & this guy successes in order to frighten both girls Saman & Zainab. He demands his money back from Zainab.

In this episode, Umer tries to discuss his married life with one of his friends but the Umer’s friend is a guy who is actually totally senseless & ridiculous because he provides silly ideas to Umer.

What about the love story of Rukhi & David? Rukhi & David’s relationship is becoming stronger with the passage of timer. Rukhi is also struck on her “Zidd” to marry with David. Qasim, the father of Rukhi, suddenly starts to think about his home that is located in Pakistan. He said to Rukhi that I want to go Pakistan so that I can meet with my old relatives & you are going with me.

When Rukhi said that I also want to take David with myself then her father refused from taking David with themselves. Qasim is trying to wind up his business before going to Pakistan this is really very strange thing for the Rukhi. This is the review of the 9th Episode of Zidd from my side. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us!

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